Individual wellbeing with homeopathy

Patient Testimonials for Clare Willcock Homeopath

Here is feedback from some of Clare’s patients, who say their health and wellbeing is improved with Homeopathy :

Homeopathy Patient Feedback“Clare’s friendly and caring, but professional, approach have given me a sense of trust. She has a wide knowledge of homeopathy, and her enthusiasm has made me want to find out more for myself.
I have tried many therapies for my chronic condition, and modern medicine has been unable to help me. I am hopeful that the remedy Clare has found for me will in time give me the relief I need.”

And now…..

“Clare has been treating me with homeopathy for various long-term health issues, both physical and mental, since May 2017. Over the months, these have gently and steadily improved, until my worst problem, insomnia, started to ease, and I have been sleeping so much better. As a result, I have more energy, more confidence about my ability to cope with my day-to-day life, and I am enjoying a creative writing group and an art class. I really enjoy my appointments with Clare, who is always focussed and professional, interested and caring. I feel positive about my future well-being”.

– L.D., Bath

“I started having problems with IBS 3 years ago and have struggled to find a doctor who could properly explain what was going on. My mum suggested homeopathy to me and so I started visiting Clare. Clare took an overview of my health and well-being and prescribed me a course of remedies that made drastic improvements to my IBS, as well as my mental and physical health. The whole experience has taught me to look at my well-being as a bigger picture, and I feel that I now have the tools to keep myself feeling healthy in the future. I would certainly encourage anyone to visit Clare, even if you have no experience with homeopathy. Thank you for your invaluable help!” – Alice, Bristol

“Homeopathy with Clare helped me by asking the questions I needed to know to help myself understand my body. Making me feel more content with myself.” – M.H, Somerset

“I feel much better, I just feel normal again. My tummy is normal again. I’m doing more exercise and I have the energy to do what I need. I’ve got a focus now. My tummy is like a 100 times better than it was. It’s fantastic. Before, I was really bad, really depressed and I was feeling nothing was changing in my life.” – Carly, Somerset


“Clare has treated me and my children in the past. She is knowledgeable, approachable, responsive, hardworking and insightful. We’ve seen Clare regularly for constitutional treatments and have sought her advice for emergencies and the treatment of illnesses. I would recommend Clare unreservedly for homoeopathic and advice.” – R.C., Somerset


Clare genuinely wants to help me to improve some health issues and has shared in my delight as gradually and subtley there have been signs that the remedy that she has prescribed is working.

Clare is very easy to talk to and she’s a great listener. You can tell her anything and be certain that it will be treated with confidentiality, and completely non-judgementally. – H from Bath


My wife had been seeing Clare for several months with good, real results. I have now also been seeing Clare to seek improvement in my general health and, in particular, with sinusitis which lays me low each winter with constant catarrh and cough. Clare’s open and sympathetic manner and detailed questioning made talking about health issues quite comfortable. Although I was receiving some normal GP treatment for a short while as well as the homeopathy, I’m finding that my overall health feels much better. I would say that I’m feeling ‘brighter’ and more alert… better than what I would consider normal for myself. And the catarrh/coughing problem has very much reduced over the past 3 months. – B.D., Bath

Location of Wellbeing with Clare

My practice is based at The Practice Rooms  in Bath and Bristol. Please see Location Map . Alternatively, I can offer a Home Visit for free within the city of Bath. There is a £10 fee payable for home visits outside of Bath city and within a 5 mile radius. If you live outside of these areas and are within Somerset, do contact me and I will try and meet your requirements as closely as possible.

Fully Registered and insured with the Society of Homeopaths.

As a fully registered member, I am a graduate of a college recognised by the Society, I have full professional insurance and I abide by the Society’s strict Code of Ethics and Practice. You can view the Code of Practice and the Register on the website of The Society of Homeopaths.

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