Individual wellbeing with homeopathy

Homeopathy to promote wellbeing and internal balance

Homeopathy in Bath

Through Homeopathy my commitment is to support you to build your immune system’s defense against illness and disease and to help encourage and maintain balance in your body so it is better able to repair itself. Find out more about how homeopathy can help you.

Clare Willcock - homeopathy & wellbeing in Bath 2‘Wellbeing with Clare’ is formed out of my¬† belief and experience that the natural world through homeopathy offers us health and wellbeing, and through a gentle yet profound prompting of the body’s own internal bio mechanisms an improved health for you may be the result.

I believe kindness, understanding and knowledge should go hand in hand. So that building a personal rapport with you does put those values into practice. Find out more about me.

With the co-operation of your GP Homeopathy can work alongside conventional medications and may help you to reduce reliance on such medications as antibiotics or steroids. You are in charge of your own health, and in seeing me for homeopathic treatment my confidentiality towards you is guaranteed. I make no claims that a cure can be achieved.

Making an Appointment

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you, or if you are thinking of making an appointment please contact me using the following details, or fill in the contact form. All consultations are currently held online.

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07478 721 459

Fully Registered and insured with the Society of Homeopaths

As a fully registered member, I am a graduate of a college recognised by the Society, I have full professional insurance and I abide by the Society’s strict Code of Ethics and Practice. You can view the Code of Practice and the Register on the website of The Society of Homeopaths.

More information about Homeopathy

There are various websites which are helpful and informative. These include:

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